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Wow, I absolutely loved this episode! And, the way it ended... just... wow. I'm speechless. But, I'll try to voice my thoughts on this most recent episode of the best Anime ever.

There be spoilers ahead, check out the episode here:

Avatar: MELON LORD by Mattierial

1. Toph

I mean, already "Operation Beifong" is the best title of an episode since "Venom of the Red Lotus." But then, to make the episode just that much cooler, Melon Lord herself comes back! TOPH IS BACK!! And, we finally get some answers to her past.

I enjoyed Bolin's interaction with the Beifongs... it's almost like he's part of the family at the end (they push him away from the hug, he's practically one of them). And, he played the audiences role! He was excited (just like us), he asked about the father (just like we would do).

About those questions:

First, wow... the baby-daddy isn't Sokka, or The Duke... but that one guy from the comics. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Kanto. But, that leads to the discussion between Lin and her. We get to the bottom of Lin's anger, she blamed her mother for everything.

There's a lot going on here, so the lingering frustration is understandable. But, it's getting better.

Toph is just here for her family. As much as she puts on a tough exterior, she really does care about her kids. That moment when she flattens the army in a single wave, that was epic!

Avatar: Seeing Things? by Mattierial

2. The Spirits Don't Get Involved

Was anyone surprised by this? I think it was pretty obvious from the start that the spirits wouldn't want to get involved. This has been a theme throughout the series. The spirits are naturally very neutral, they can exhibit themselves positively or negatively, but they do not choose sides.

That said, they do "react" like they did after Kuvira harvested the vines. I would think such an act against spirits would incur more than just a few kidnappings.

Remember the end of Avatar: Book One? The Ocean spirit rises up against the Fire Nation for killing the Moon Spirit. It was very cool, very Miyazaki. But, an important element in that attack was the Avatar.

Even considering what the bird/dragon spirit said, what if Korra becomes one with her spiritual side and convinces them in the end, or joins with them like Aang did in that old episode? That would be cool :)

But... I think the spirits will come around. Though, it won't be because Korra asked. It will be to restore balance in the world. 

The Book title is "Balance" by the way.

That, or Yue can lay some moon level smack down on Kuvira's army. That would be pretty awesome!

3. Zhu Li... double agent.

She tries her hardest to get rid of the gun... but nothing works. First, I can't believe that they actually figured it out.

But... wow. Zhu li was right, Kuvira has just become a monster over the course of this season. Showing the power of the Earth Kingdom through fear and destruction. It's rather frightening.

She's testing her destructive weapon out on an abandoned town, but it won't end there. I don't think she'll stop until she has gained control of the entire world... or someone stops her.

Speaking of stomping... I mean stopping Kuvira. How about that fight between Suyin and Kuvira. That might be one of the better fights from the season! But, then again, every fight on Avatar/Korra is great! I'm sure we'll get something cool for the finale.

And Toph showed up in the nick of time. If she got in the fight... I get chills thinking about it :D

But, like she said: "At some point, you gotta leave it to the kids."

Although, I know it will break my heart... :iconcryforeverplz:

Till next week!
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