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December 31, 2011
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Avatar: HAPPY NEW YEAR by Mattierial Avatar: HAPPY NEW YEAR by Mattierial
IT'S 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I submitted this at EXACTLY midnight of the New Year where I am (waiting was torture :D)

I bet you didn't expect a picture from me today :D. But, after spending a month intensely working on a project, I actually felt a little weird not working on something... so I started this ^^;

My loose theory on the setting is that it's Zuko's penthouse in the new Republic City after it's construction. They could all be like in their early twenties... but, I doubt the city would actually grow that fast ^^;. I just wanted to put them in a skyscraper with fireworks going off behind them :XD:

Following that theory, I put Zuko and Aang in more official they'd probably be in meetings all the time, deciding canal placements, how to quash Old Fire Nation rebellions, furthering the cause of peace, etc.

I put a lot of thought in the other outfit designs as well, especially Toph's. I think she'd be the one to change the most after the end of the series, come out of her shell, let her hair down etc. I used *DarkKenjie's "Older Gaang" series as a bit of a launching point for her design. If you haven't seen them, here are the Toph ones:

They are pretty awesome :D


Lens Flare brushes are actually re-purposed star brushes from this pack: [link]
By :iconkikariz: who is sadly no longer on DA...

The Firework brushes are from this pack: [link]
By: :iconnoordinarylove:


Avatar and Korra belongs to Mike, Bryan and Nick. Art belongs to me.

See More of my Avatar Fanart here: [link]

Thanks for looking

PS. Did you see Ryuki, The Hidden Ninja Strawberry? (if not, look here: [link] )
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I love Ty Lee's dress
Looks great,

But did Aang slip Katara a roofie? Lol.....

It's really good..... Seriously.
Good. You captured their personalities very well :D however..Kataras face and tophs face are wrong.. :( and Zukos scar looks pasted on :XD: Think you need to work on drawing mouths a bit more too :) (Sokkas and Aangs Mouths looks more normal too the "Anime look avatar has" :XD:
usernamesrtoohard Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love it but toph's eyes were there o:
LOL katara is drooling hehe XD
i try to keep it nice but i will be honest with you (with no insult intended) i adore how Aang looks!!!!!!!!! but everyone else i dont like sorry.
i try to keep it nice but i will be honest with you (with no insult intended) i adore how Aang looks!!!!!!!!! but everyone else i dont like sorry.
Felixia-mew Jun 3, 2012  Student General Artist
I love how Ty Lee is all like "look at the pretty fireworks!" and Zuko is all like "Oh dear god!"
MoE545 May 26, 2012  Student Writer
Haha! I love Zuko's expression! And Toph's clothes are so cool. :) At first I thought Katara was acting like actress Katara, but now I know she's probably just super tired...And OMG MAI'S SMILING!!!
lilia285twili May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love zuko's expression
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